Preparing Me for My First Vet Visit

I’ve never been to the vet before, but I imagine it’s pretty spooky. Lots of loud noises, bright lights, and crazy smells! A buddy of mine told me there’s a room where they stick you with pokey things and *whispers* put a thermometer in your tush! I’m definitely not looking forward to that. But, there […]

Communicating With the Vet

Like you, it’s sometimes hard for me to communicate what I’m feeling. Trips to the vet aren’t fun, but they usually know what’s best for me! It’s important to understand my baseline behaviors and tendencies so that you can recognize when I need to be taken to the vet. For example, suppose I exhibit a […]

Many Scents Bother Me

That stinks! As a cat, many scents bother me. So, if you want to keep me away from something, add a smell that I hate, like lemon, lavender, or white vinegar. If you want to keep me from doing something… it’s easy to do with a few small adjustments. As a cat, I have a […]