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Dental now available–call us! Medical exams starting at $39Same Day Appointments Available…Call to Schedule

Our featured services are our baseline of services we offer. We get regular requests from our clients to increase our capacity of what we offer. And we are hearing you! As a practice we are in a time of growth. Reinstating each service requires careful consideration and coordination. Below is a breakdown of what we do and don’t offer. If you are unsure of your pets precise needs, call us! We will be able to advise you, direct you in the best first steps, and possibly save you thousands of dollars. 😃

List of Services

• Preventative Care & Diagnostics
• Sickness & Wellness
• Exam & Consultation
• Discount Vaccine Clinics
• Heartworm 4 in 1 Testing
• Microchipping
• Flea and Tick control
• Anal Glands
• Puppy and Kitten specialties
• Pain Management