Leaving your pet with us for surgery can be very stressful. We understand. We’re pet-parents, too. That’s why we focus on minimizing the stress for your pet (and you) by ensuring their safety while they are with us for their surgical procedure. We will send you home with thorough post-operative care instructions so you can pamper your pet and they can relax and heal.

For each surgery patient their blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and temperature, will be monitered by a licensed technician who will be dedicated to your pet during and after each procedure. The key to your pet undergoing anesthesia is ensuring they are in good health and that the prospective procedure is appropriate to proportional risk. Beyond routine spays and neuters of young pets, older patients and unique cases may be advised of additional diagnostics and / or referred out to an appropriate specialist.

Some of the procedures we offer include:

We always recommend that it is best to call and speak with one of our team members about your specific situation with your pet, at which point we can direct you best.

Contact us for a quote beyond routine procedures listed above.



You go to the dentist two times a year to have your teeth cleaned, professionally; and you even brush your teeth every day. This is why dentistry is also important for your dogs. We currently offer dental cleanings and limited extractions for dogs. If you are uncertain or interested in a routine cleaning, we will examine and advise if appropriate at our hospital, or if it would be better to obtain an x-ray and refer your to another facility for this procedure.

Signs your pet may need dental work:

Pricing 2022Canine NeuterCanine SpayFeline NeuterFeline Spay
0-25lbs$275$365$175 (0-15)$285 (0-15)
26-50lbs$285$385$185 (16-25)$305 (16-25)
Please note the above pricing is not all-inclusive as each animal’s needs are different due to variation in recommended take home medication and additional required or requested services. Please see our consent form for some examples.

End Of Life Care

Knowing When It’s Time

We don’t expect you to make this decision alone. Our veterinarians can help you understand your pet’s condition and prognosis. We’ll create a treatment plan for pain and symptom management to help your pet maintain an optimal quality of life for as long as possible. When it’s time, we’re here to help make the transition as calm and respectful as possible.

At this stage in your pets life, grappling with the unknowns and uncertainty is normal. We help our clients and pets avoid last minute challenges and regularly consult with you regarding your options with respect to comfort, costs, likelihood, and impact on family. We are honored to be part of these difficult moments with you, an intend to help you every step of the way.

For the comfort of our clients and pets, we offer the option of at home euthanasia or in office procedures. While our service area range is still undefined, we may determine our distance from you to be unrealistic, or may quote differently than within our local communities. If you have questions about either option, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have an idea for burial, please review your local county requirements. We will retain your pet and send them to the selection of your choice. We also provide a variety of cremation services through Pet Memorial. If you choose to retain your pets ashes, there is a variety of options.


Preventative Wellness

The best way to keep your pet healthy is to schedule annual wellness visits. You want your pet to be healthy and active, and so do we. The lifespan of your pet will change over the course of their life, and regular checkups, recommended shots, and dental cleanings, will enable our Veterinarians to make the best recommendations for your pet’s age, lifestyle, and risk factors.

Know Your Pet's Dental Grade

Minor/Grade 1

Soft plaque has built up on the surface of the teeth. A small amount of tartar is present. Bacteria have grown. causing early gingivitis and inflamed gums. Treatment can reverse the condition.

Moderate/Grade 2
Early Periodontitis

Entire gum is inflamed and swollen. Mouth is painful and odor is noticeable. At this stage, proper dental care is crucial to reverse the progress of dental disease.

Major/Grade 3
Moderate Periodontitis

The infection has destroyed tissues around the teeth that hold them in place, and some have become loose The gums appear bright red and bleed freely. Sore mouth affects eating and behavior. Bad breath is present. Beginning of periodontal disease. May be irreversible.

Severe/Grade 4
Advanced Periodontitis

Chronic bacterial infection is destroying the gum, tooth and bone. Bacteria may be spreading throughout the entire body via the bloodstream and may damage the kidneys, liver and heart. Pain can be severe at this stage.