Preparing Me for My First Vet Visit

I’ve never been to the vet before, but I imagine it’s pretty spooky. Lots of loud noises, bright lights, and crazy smells! A buddy of mine told me there’s a room where they stick you with pokey things and *whispers* put a thermometer in your tush! I’m definitely not looking forward to that. But, there are some things you can do to help me prepare for my first vet visit.

To start preparing me for my first vet visit, taking me on a few car rides before the appointment is a great way to get me acclimated to being in the car so that the ride doesn’t stress me out on the day of my doctor’s visit. There is even certain music that you can play for cats and dogs that helps us relax!

Once we get there, let me sniff around if I want to, and give me lots of validation in treats and lots of pets! Loud sounds and big dogs might have me feeling a bit on edge, so please stay close and assure me that I can rely on you for comfort. Another way for preparing me for my first vet visit is positive reinforcement. This is for my excellent behavior and is key for helping me feel safe. Additionally, let the staff know what approaches I respond to best and which are more likely to upset me. Trust me, it’ll make things easier for everyone involved.

As always, thanks for being such a caring and attentive parent!