About Us

Our Story

“I’ve been driving by this place every day for 10 years, and I just found out it was here!”
— Said by too many new clients

The Highland Veterinary Hospital was established in 1982 by Dr. John Dennis Cunningham — “Denny” — and his wife Lucrecia. The practice originally operated out of the adjacent building, built in 1907, where the two lived upstairs during their early years of marriage.

“On the day we opened we were acting like children, peeking through the blinds, wondering if anybody was going to come.” John & Lucrecia

Sure enough, the clients came and the practice quickly expanded it’s service to grooming under the name Paws For Thought, which eventually changed to The Highland Groomery. In 2001 Dr. C. purchased the property from local legend Delmas Wood. The Groomery was sold as it’s own entity, and the vet practice was moved to it’s current location. 

Dr. C.’s style kept clients coming back for decades. Legend has it that they enjoyed his stories of running off to join the circus, his fondness for tigers and dolphins – which scattered the walls and counter tops of the practice –  and his friendly disposition. Dr. C. enjoyed his clients (fact checked), as much as he did their pets! However, an unfortunate and difficult change in his memory led to his early retirement in the middle of 2020. His family reports that Dr. C. remains healthy and spends his time encouraging his favorite cat to do all things cat related!

Where we are today

The practice is currently run by Dr. C’s son (also John) with a team of seasoned veterinary professionals. Many exciting changes have occurred since John took over the practice as you can see with our new brand and our new website.

Where we are going

We are in a unique position as a family, team, and private vet practice. We continue to update the building, increase our range of services, and are always assessing how to be YOUR preferred choice for Veterinary care. On the near horizon, we intend to provide imaging capabilities for x-rays. In addition, our digital communication and record management is transitioning to modern times. We have lots of big plans and plenty of space to grow. We hope you’ll join us on the journey.

About Us

Highland Veterinary Hospital is owned by John Cunningham, a second generation family member. The hospital was originally founded in 1982 by John’s father, Dr. John Cunningham, who was well-known and loved by all of his patients. When Dr. Cunningham retired in 2020, his family got together and decided to continue the tradition of excellent pet care, while also expanding the services provided by the hospital.

From the very beginning, our mission was to provide quality care and services to our clients in a comfortable, professional, and accessible environment. We live this mission every day. Our veterinarians are here to provide our patients with the very best medical care, while also helping our pet-parents to understand and navigate the needs of their furry family members.

No question is too small. We are here for you. If you’re experiencing an issue with your pet, please call us. We want to help.


We are Hiring!

Are you looking for an easy-going, nice place to work, where you can share your love of animals with the people we serve? We have several positions we are looking to fill. Our veterinary practice was established 40 years ago and we’re growing. If any of the following positions fit your skill-set, please send your resume and a cover letter to John Cunningham, Practice Manager and Owner.



Vet technician​




If you would like to share your experience with our Veterinary practice, kindly leave us a review on Google or our Facebook page. Thank you very much.

Our Core Values


We want our clients to have access to their pets care. This includes being part of and aware of what we are actually doing. We invite our clients into the exam room to be a part of the process. Sometimes we cannot make this option available, for practical or appropriate reasons, but for the most part, we consider our practice to be fully accessible.


There are both easy and tough decisions all pets owners will eventually have to make. We recognize each pet owner has an assortment of life circumstances that may impact their decisions on what is best for their pet. We intend to listen and advise, with a realistic perspective that it is you, not us, who lives with your pet.


We recognize our furry friends as an essential part of the glue that joins us together. At the end of the day, most of us are going home to our own pets who are excited to see us and who make us feel loved. We value the joy that has been brought into our lives by our pets good health and well being. We recognize we may never fully understand the exact bond you have with your own pet, but we are all here because we value that unique relationship.