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Information here regarding surgery at the HVH will regularly be updated. If you are in need of and are searching for a different procedure, please indicate to us. We are committed to serving our client's individual and unique needs. We may very soon be able to accommodate what you are looking for. A full list of the procedures we can provide is pending. Check back soon for updates!

On this page, you can submit a spay/neuter request. With some basic information about your pet, we will try to get you in as soon as possible and get you what you need!

How much Dr.?

It depends… The cost will vary based on your pet's age, size, and medical history amongst other things. If you are a new pet owner, and great with utilizing value from your investments, it could be a great time to look into a wellness plan!  Check out PetsBest! And be sure to ask us if we may be able to get you a 10% discount!

What do I need to do?

Fill out the information below. We will review and reach out to you. From here, nothing is set in stone so don’t worry! The sooner we know your needs we can get you booked and ready.

Does my pet need to get blood work?

We will recommend this based on your specific pet. There are many wise advantages to running bloodwork before putting your animal under anesthesia and surgery. Some of the biggest factors are ensuring the proper healthy function of your pets' vital organs such as the liver and kidneys. There are many diagnostics that could be run (see Early Detection). Pre-operative blood tests are specifically designed to assess and mitigate the risks of an operation.

What is the risk behind this procedure and anesthesia?

Aside from the healthy functioning of your pets' organs, there is always a possibility that an animal could have an adverse reaction to anesthesia. There is in general, an estimation of 1 in 100,000 animals that will fall into this category. We do plan for this however and we do have "what if" measures in place. We also have preventative means we will use if we suspect an animal is of higher risk. Rest assured we will never operate on an animal without due diligence and/or advising you of the risks associated with your specific pet.

Today is the big day. What should I expect?

Be sure to have given your pet no food the night before. We will have coordinated a drop-off time with you and we will give you an approximate time for pick up on the same day. When you pick him/her up, we may have placed a protected cone on them to prevent agitation and licking of stitches/incision site. We may also administer pain medication if we deem it appropriate. We will discuss recovery with you to ensure you have a good plan before we send you on your way.

Can you do other services at the same time?

Yes!  We will be in “Spay & Neuter Mode” which will have us prioritizing all supporting tasks. We can do microchipping and nail trims. Let us know what you need or are looking for and we will follow up and confirm with you!

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