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We pride ourselves in taking pricing seriously. Above all we want to ensure we provide responsible care for pets while being reasonable and realistic to the needs of our pet owners. Therefore, we will continuously strive to format our pricing structure to meet the needs of our clients. Below are some common fees to give you an idea of our intent and affordability.

*Check for frequent updates as we are transitioning to the online world!

Exam & Consultation

  • Premier Exam $69 – Please indicate this type of exam if you prefer extended vet time with your pet. We will block out a 30 minute appointment for you. Our Doctor will consult, examine and advise you on both your pet’s health and on what might be appropriate for your unique situation. If you are booked for a short exam and the consultation extends past 30 minutes, you will see this charge on your invoice.
  • Intermediate Exam $39 – $59 –The range in the bulk of our exams is a result of factors such as time, supplies used, and number of staff required to tend to your pet. If your appointment amounts to 10 minutes and an easy solution, you will see a $39 exam fee. There are always times we anticipate a longer appointment that is quite simple, and also a short appointment that turns out long. Hence the price range.
  • Discount Vaccine Clinic $0 Exam Fee! – Discount on all express vaccine services!  Since we began offering this at the start of the year, our Wednesdays have become much busier!  To start, please know that this may soon become a “vaccine only night” in the near future. In order to offset the cost of all the syringes and paper towels we are going through, you will see a $2 Waste Disposal fee on your invoice.  If you have extra concerns for the doctor that turn into more than taking basic vitals, you will be charged for a full exam.
  • Multi-pet Exam $29 – To honor the effort of you bringing in multiple pets at one time we will charge a discounted exam fee for each additional pet at $29. As of this update (4/27), it will also apply if you visit us on our discount vaccine clinic night and require an exam.
  • House Call $79 – $99 We are still working on this. We are not entirely sure what to set as our radius or how to charge for miles. What we do know is that when a Vet goes on the road, then that vet is not here at the practice. We want to accommodate our clients and will continue to assess our procedure for this. See our mobile service page for limited details.