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We pride ourselves in taking pricing seriously. Above all we want to ensure we provide responsible care for pets while being reasonable and realistic to the needs of our pet owners. Therefore we will continuously strive to format our pricing structure to meet the needs of our clients.

*Check for frequent updates as we are transitioning to the online world!

Exam & Consultation

  • General Exam $59-65. Our routine exam fee applies to our comprehensive list of services and varies based on many factors such as time, animal size, treatment, etc. We want to consult with you and gather information to determine the best next steps for your pet. We will give your pet a full physical exam; including but not limited to: recording and assessing their weight, listening to their lungs and heart, an ear inspection, and dental health. We will review their medical history, vaccine requirements, nutrition, exercise, ailments, and illness. We will treat and/or perform requested and scheduled services. We will consult with you on our immediate findings. Depending on what we find, we may suggest next steps such as future visits, prescription medication, on the spot treatment or follow up, and/or a referral to a specialists. We may advise you on a window of timeframe to consider a future need.
  • Express Services $39 –Rolling out our new Express Exam Fee to wrap up 2020! The name says it all! If you are coming to us for any of the following services, we will reduce the exam fee to $39. Express is meant as a reduction in work time appropriately for services that permit it. Some services simply require more hands, time, and steps to complete. We will charge our standard rate if upon examination, further service is agreed upon or required.
    Express services include: vaccines, rabies, microchipping, heartworm, and nail trimming. Call us if you have questions regarding a service not listed.
  • Discount Vaccine Clinic 0$ EXAM FEE! - Discount on all express services!
    • We will soon be offering vaccine clinic days. There will be no exam fee and our express services will be heavily discounted. Stay tuned and check in with us!