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Highland Veterinary Hospital has been boarding cats since the hospital opened in 1982. In 2005, we remodeled our facility and opened the Purr-fect Hotel - For Cats with full size, five level condominiums. While your cat stays with us it will benefit from a relaxed atmosphere, clean facilities, and a home-like aura. The Purr-fect Hotel is located in the same building as the Highland Veterinary Hospital. As a result, we are able to give veterinary care to our feline boarders including oral and injectable medications. As always, we provide the best care for your pet with an experienced staff. Dr. Cunningham personally checks all boarders and sees them while here on a regular basis. Please feel free to stop by or set up an appointment to take a private tour of the boarding facility. We look forward to seeing you in the near future.




  • Refinished hardwood floors
  • Clean, well ventilated facilities
  • Entertainment center with TV & music
  • We also encourage owners to bring their pet's toys, blankets and other "personal" items
Large Cat Condominiums, which provide each boarder with:

  • 1st level - Litter box area and cubby for cat's belongings  
  • 2nd level - Place to hide until the cat feels comfortable
  • 3rd level - Dining Room
  • 4th level - Play area
  • 5th level - Bedroom
  • Full length tapered glass door
  • Egg grate for ventilation
  • Made of thermally fused melamine
  • Built-in ventilation system
  • Dimensions: 6'6" tall and 30" x 30" wide
Boarding Rates:

$24 per night for 1 cat in 1 condo OR $42 per night for 2 cats in 1 condo (from the same household)

* Additional fees apply for certain medications, injections and special services

Picture Gallery

                        Are there really two of me!?                                                              It's play time! You lead, I'll follow!

                                    Aren't I handsome?                                                                      That was good eatin'!

                    Can my friend come out and play too?                                            Mom always has the best food for me!

              Foul ball down the 3rd base line... I got it!!                                                         It's time to play... Please!

                         I'd really rather watch TV.                                                           Don't I blend in well with the rug?

                       I think I'll just stay in bed, thank you.                                                              I'm getting better!

              Has anyone seen my tie? I have an appointment!!                   If I keep on looking cute, they'll surely blame the dog!                   

                                  This is my tiger face!                                                    I like to see things from all different angles!

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